"Hi Dinesh

A quick review of your art.

It's full of vivid colors and human emotions.

If you had stuck to painting all your life who knows,you could have been MF Hussain with a muse of your own like Madhuri and or you could have been a 65 year old artist with a knapsack around the shoulders trying to catch the last train from Churchgate Station , Mumbai.

I am not trying to say you would have been Picasso but the quality of your strokes is at par with many paintings in art museums.The only difference between you and some successful artist is Name."  - Anonymous Admirer

Van der plas Art Gallery

"Even in this raucous atmosphere, Dinesh Doshi, an African-born artist from India, will summon much more than a glance. His oil painting called “Ego And Identity Has Destroyed All Beauty!” is a call to arms for anyone who has dreamed that the power of painting can liberate human souls. There’s much more to Doshi than making mere statements in paint. He started a charity, “Draw Your Dreams,” to supply children in Africa with art supplies.

Radio Interview

lake tahoe art scene- Robert Schimmel

The Huffington Post 

Dinesh Doshi’s Artist Journey

-Natalle Rodriguez

The Art Of Times

-Laura Shirk